Estate Planning Services

We partner with Private Business Owners and their legal advisers to grow and protect your family's wealth across generations.

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Grow and protect your family's wealth across generations


Estate Planning Services for Private Business Owners

A family’s legacy is the outcome of its collective mission, values, vision, and achievements across generations. It embodies the past and is the engine of the family today and its future tomorrow.

Private Business Owners can earn significant wealth during their working lives and when they exit their business. When properly managed, that wealth can grow and be preserved across generations.

By becoming a Kelly+Partners client, you will gain access to a team of accountants and estate planning specialists who will proactively work with you to understand your ambitions and provide guidance and management to build a structure which can help grow and protect your family wealth across generations. 

Estate Planning Services
  • Estate administration and executorial duties
  • Business owner succession planning
  • Superannuation and retirement planning
  • Setting up enduring powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements, or advanced care directives

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