Forensic Accounting

Kelly+Partners' specializes in forensic accounting services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to uncover, analyze, and resolve the most complex financial challenges. 

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Forensic Accounting Services

Whether you're facing concerns of fraud, compliance breaches, litigation disputes, or need an expert witness, our team of seasoned forensic accountants is equipped with the expertise and know how to bring clarity to your financial uncertainties.

Our commitment to excellence and confidentiality ensures that your financial interests are safeguarded, making us your trusted partner in navigating the intricate world of forensic accounting.

Commercial Damages

Lost profits and diminished business value due to commercial damages can stem from a range of incidents, including contract breaches, patent violations, product liability issues, antitrust cases, and deceitful disclosures. Our expert team is adept at scrutinizing business and accounting records to accurately assess and quantify the financial impact of these and other triggering events in monetary terms.

Fraud Investigations

As businesses become increasingly complex and instances of accounting fraud escalate, our services in fraud prevention, detection, and investigation have become crucial for both public and private sectors. We conduct comprehensive and effective investigations, encompassing evidence gathering, along with the analysis and interpretation of intricate financial data.

Family Law

Marital dissolutions can present difficult situations in the distribution of assets. Our expertise includes conducting accounting after separation, calculating the standard of living during marriage, analyzing perks, and aiding in determining the income available for support payments.

Corporate and Partnership Disputes

Resolving conflicts between business partners frequently requires the expertise of external professionals. Our team offers a clear and comprehensive examination of accounting records to pinpoint and calculate each partner's received compensation and contributions to the business.

Business Interruption

In today's dynamic world, we understand the critical need to maintain your business's momentum. Should you face unexpected calamities (such as fires, floods, property damage, or temporary closures), our forensic accounting team is ready to collaborate with you and your insurer to evaluate the claim and determine the extent of the loss.

Marketplace and Billing Issues

Kelly+Partners offers expertise in tax, accounting, and auditing malpractice services. Our team is skilled in detecting financial misreporting and assessing financial damages.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Legal compensation may be due when wrongful death or physical/psychological harm occurs due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual or entity. Distressing events like these can often give rise to complex financial dilemmas. Our forensic accounting team is equipped to support your case through in-depth financial assessments, offering financial counsel, and delivering expert witness statements.

Intellectual Property

We specialize in managing cases of intellectual property (IP) infringement, covering issues related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Our reliable analysts are skilled in determining the extent of damages incurred or calculating any unjust enrichment.

Fidelity Bond Claims

Securing your assets with a fidelity bond is crucial for your business. In cases of employee fraud (embezzlement, theft, or misappropriation), having a reliable expert is essential. We streamline the claims process through detailed financial probes, evidence gathering, data analysis, and timeline creation to pinpoint fraud and quantify losses. Additionally, we provide recommendations to enhance internal safeguards against future fraud.

Lost Profits

Various challenging scenarios can lead to profit losses for businesses or individuals. Analyzing financial documents and integrating these insights with contextual data, timelines, industry trends, and the economic environment to assess past, present, and future financial losses demands specialized expertise. Our experienced team is equipped to manage every distinct case that comes our way.

Business Valuations

Our business valuation process utilizes asset, income, and market approaches, along with advanced economic methodologies. While each business is unique, precision and meticulousness are crucial in the forensic services we provide. Our expertly trained accountants excel in examining, understanding, and confirming financial information.

Litigation Support

In numerous legal cases and criminal investigations related to accounting issues, attorneys often enlist our associates to assist in formulating case strategies. Engaging our services early in the process can help streamline the review of intricate financial documents and the calculation of economic damages, potentially saving time and reducing costs.

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