Mike Cannon-Brookes - Defining your Workplace Culture | Be Better Of Show Podcast

26 August 2020 • Brett Kelly • Be Better Off Show Podcast

Episode 3 of The Better Off Show Podcast saw Brett sit down with co-founder and CEO of software company, Atlassian, Mike Cannon-Brookes.

Atlassian Software Systems is an innovative, fast growing company which seeks to upset the market with high quality, low price offerings. As one of Australia’s richest and most successful businessmen, Mike shares how he uses his money to create tangible social change.

"What's the secret sauce to choosing a co-founder? ... You make the best choice you can. We've had such a shared journey over ten years now." 

This episode details a growth success story featuring insights into weighing up entrepreneurial risks and the value of internal culture.

"We're in the the most brutal war for IT talent, and a good culture is your only weapon to win the way" 

Mike talks about the realities of hard business decisions and being guided by both heart and balance. Learn how together with his business partner, the business was able to scale up and grow to more than 500 employees and a net worth of $400 million.


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