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Specialised support for Australian Private Business Owners wanting to expand their operations into the United States of America.
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Explore new opportunities in one of the world's most vibrant economies

International expansion into the United States of America is an effective way for Private Business Owners to accelerate growth. Planning a successful expansion into the US requires focus, courage and curiosity.

With 32 offices across Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, and Mumbai, Kelly+Partners is one of the only global accounting firms specialising in advising Private Business Owners on the unique challenges and opportunities of expanding to California and the broader US.

Having successfully expanded and established our presence in California, we've gained an in-depth understanding of the local landscape, challenges, and opportunities for Private Business Owners. We would now like to share our learnings and strategies with our clients.

Whether your business is already operating internationally or you're considering global expansion, our team can help you navigate the business challenges and complexities of multi-jurisdictional tax management. We can assist you with:

  • Advising on optimal holding structures from a global tax perspective
  • Assisting with annual tax documents and multi-jurisdictional submissions
  • Providing insights on tax adherence for overseas entities like Trusts, Corporations, and SMSFs
  • Guidance on inheritance and gift tax factors
  • Engaging with entities such as the IRS, US State tax departments, and ATO
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Why expand to California? 

California is the most populous state in the US and has the world's fifth-largest economy, representing a significant expansion opportunity for business owners.

With a population of 39 million, compared to Australia's 26.4 million, and a GDP of $3.6 trillion versus Australia's $1.7 trillion, the economic scale and potential for business in California are immense.

The state boasts an average median income of $84,097, significantly higher than Australia's $63,393, indicating a wealthy consumer base with considerable purchasing power. 

The similarities in economic stability, sectoral focus, and consumer preferences, combined with California's larger market size and higher income levels, make it an attractive destination for Australian businesses looking to scale up and explore new opportunities in one of the world's most vibrant economies.

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