Sports and Entertainment

Whether you are an individual athlete, a manager of an entire sporting club, a solo artist, or an international events promoter, Kelly+Partners have a specialist team of accountants and advisors to meet your sports and entertainment needs.

Without the right help, navigating your way through the specific tax requirements of the sports and entertainment industry can be both consuming and costly. Balancing company and income tax compliance, performance payments, endorsement fees and expense reimbursements, as well as withholding tax for foreign artists, requires a level of expertise.

That's why Kelly+Partners have a specialist team on hand with a thorough understanding of the sports and entertainment sector. They are committed to putting you in control of your finances, helping you plan and execute your journey every step of the way.

Kelly+Partners can manage your entire financial universe. Assigned your own client director as a direct point of contact, they will coordinate a team of experts to best meet your specific professional and personal needs.

The Kelly+Partners approach for the sports and entertainment industry encompasses:

  • Taxation planning

  • Income tax compliance + obligations

  • GST planning + compliance

  • Tax audit support services

  • Financial Strategy

  • Risk Management

If you are looking for the best performance, contact the Kelly+Partners sports and entertainment team for a free consultation today.

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