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Tax PAYG Instalments

Understanding PAYG Instalments – Are you all over your PAYG calendar for 2021?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say the words ‘Australian tax system’? O ...

20 April 2021 • Sophie Foster-Spinks


Best Asset Protection Strategies for Small Business Owners

Around 50% of Australians do not have a legally-valid will. Many of us have it on a -do-la ...

22 February 2021 • Brett Kelly


5 Tips For Developing an Effective Succession Plan

What if you woke up tomorrow and decided to just stop working? It might even be a thought ...

8 February 2021 • Brett Kelly

Uplifting Solutions and Ergo Furniture - Small Business stories

From Good to Grow | Uplifting Solutions embracing the new normal

2020 was the year Australians stayed at home. As January draws to a close, do you have a s ...

22 April 2021 • K+P Team

COVID-19 and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT): Do you know what you can claim?

When employees started working from home in March 2020, there was lots of confusion around ...

20 April 2021 • K+P Team

Marketing tips for small businesses

7 Marketing Tips for 2021 – Growing your small business during COVID-19

Everything there is to say about COVID-19 and 2020 has already been said. So, we won’t. Wh ...

22 April 2021 • K+P Team

Loan structure for investment property

How to find the best loan structure for your new investment property (and save tax too!)

We talk about property investment a lot at Kelly+Partners. And for good reason. It’s a sou ...

22 April 2021 • K+P Team


Retirement Planning: 4 Ways Your Small Business Accountant Can Help You Plan Your Retirement

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average retirement age is around 63. ...

20 April 2021 • Brett Kelly

Profit and business cashflow

Business Cash Flow and Profitability | 5 ways to improve cash flow that every business owner should know

While you may see a consistent amount of revenue coming into your business bank account, t ...

20 April 2021 • K+P Team

Debt Management - Home Loan and Mortgage Business Accountant

Debt management - how a great small business accountant can help you control debt

Can you put a dollar value right now on exactly how much debt you owe? If you are like mos ...

20 April 2021 • Brett Kelly

The Be Better Off Show

Hosted by Founder & CEO, Brett Kelly, The Be Better Off Show podcast brings together Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business experts to share their key insights, advice and tactics to succeed in business.

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The Be Better Off Show is all about inspiring people to have healthier, wealthier and wiser lives. Hosted by CEO of ASX listed Kelly+Partners, author, speaker and all round great guy Brett Kelly, this show is breaking the mould of the traditionally held view that “accounting is boring!”...

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