Land Developers

The market at the moment presents a few challenges for land developers. Site acquisitions are becoming increasingly difficult, with many vendors happy to sit and wait for the next cycle. Sourcing finance can also be challenging in the current climate, increasing compliance demands.

However, with the right support, land developers can continue to earn substantial financial returns. To best manage your financial requirements, Kelly+Partners have an expert team of accountants, possessing an in-depth understanding of land and property development.

Our accounting specialists can advise you on the best taxation, finance and risk management strategies for your current and future needs. They can help manage your cash flow and navigate your way through GST and the margin scheme, income tax, stamp duty and land tax.

The integrated approach of Kelly+Partners can cover both your business and personal finances. You will be assigned your own client director as a direct point of contact, who will then assemble a team of experts to best meet your specific objectives.

The Kelly+Partners approach for land developers covers:

  • Start-up support and registrations

  • Preparation of business plans, cash flow and profit projections

  • Financial Strategy

  • Accounting + Taxation

  • Risk Management + Insurance

To find out how Kelly+Partners can help reach your financial goals sooner, contact one of the Kelly+Partners land development accountants for a free consultation today.

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