Navigating McDonald's Franchise Success with Mark Halford

1 min read
3 October 2023

Back in 1971, a landmark event happened in the Sydney suburb of Yagoona - the opening of Australia's first-ever McDonald's restaurant. Fast forward to today, and we see over 970 McDonald's restaurants nationwide, employing more than 100,000 people. 

McDonald's Australia is a franchise business, with more than 80% of Australian restaurants owned and operated by individual businessmen and women. 

One of these entrepreneurial operators is Mark Halford. Mark started his journey with McDonald's in the late 70s as a crew member before purchasing his first store in 2001. More than 40 years later, Mark owns and operates a series of McDonald's restaurants across Sydney. 

With nearly two million Australians dining at McDonald's daily, the brand prides itself on trust and integrity, ensuring customers and employees receive the respect they deserve.

Mark is a big believer in the structure that the McDonald's system provides and is passionate about reciprocating the value to his team, his customers, and the larger community.

When asked why he partnered with Kelly+Partners, Mark said, "They aren't your everyday accountants. They have a deep understanding of businesses and go beyond basic compliance. They've been my guiding mentors." 

Mark emphasises the stability and long-term vision of Kelly+Partners. He appreciates the consistency in the team, pointing out, "You're not constantly adjusting to a new face every year."

Mark Halford's journey from a crew member in the late 70s to owning a series of McDonald's restaurants across Sydney is a story of focus, perseverance and adaptability. His partnership with Kelly+Partners is a testament to the importance of having an accountant who's got your back, not just your books. 

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