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We partner with Private Business Owners and their families to help them grow, preserve and take control of their financial universe.

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We exist to help our people, Private Business Owners, and communities Be Better Off.

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Our values guide us: we want the best for others. One team, one way and we do what we say.


To become the first-choice accounting firm for Private Business Owners in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Our proprietary Partner-Owner-Driver™ model sets us apart from other financial advisory firms. Each partner is an owner of their accounting firm, meaning your success is their success.

Put simply, we're business owners advising business owners. We're not just accountants; we're people who understand your challenges, your needs, and your ambitions.



Kelly+Partners began with the idea of helping small businesses that wanted to go somewhere.

Founder and CEO Brett Kelly launched Kelly+Partners from a single Sydney office 17 years ago. Together, we traded our way through the Global Financial Crisis, the team expanding to become the top national accounting firm we are today.

Today, we’re a multi-award-winning financial services firm with a mission to make our clients, our communities and our people better off. With 30 locations and over 500 team members, we support over 17,500 small business owners, high-net-worth individuals and families to build and grow great businesses and protect their legacies across generations.

Our close-knit team is driven to help you gain the control you need of your entire financial universe, to overcome any challenge, now and in the future.

We work with Private Business Owners.

Let us help you understand how to meet and exceed your goals while protecting and strengthening your financial position with our unique Kelly+Partner’s Financial Flight Plan™ System. You’re in good hands as our team of expert business accountants are committed to your success.




Meet our skilled accounting and finance professionals who support your success at every turn.

Our team comprises over 500 people, including 94 partners, across 32 locations, serving over 17,500 business owners.

Our expansive network is characterised by a unique culture of collaborative expertise sharing. Team members in Australia, Hong Kong, the United States and Mumbai access each other's specialist knowledge and experience to bring the best advice to clients.

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Beyond supporting hard-working business owners, the foundations we support are committed to creating a genuine, positive impact in our communities.

Certified B Corporation

As the only Top 100 Accounting Firm to be B Corp certified in Australia, we invite you to learn more about our initiatives and what B Corp certification means for our team and clients.

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Take control of your financial universe

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