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Having begun as a small group of passionate accountants in Australia, Kelly+Partners is dedicated to helping businesses like yours go somewhere greater, just as we have.

Founder and CEO Brett Kelly launched Kelly+Partners from a single Sydney office 14 years ago. Together, we traded our way through the GFC, the team expanding to become the national firm we are today.

Today, we’re a multi-award-winning financial services firm. With 15 locations and many accountants, we support over 8,000 small business owners, high-net-worth individuals and families to grow, protect and manage wealth, across generations.

Our close-knit team is driven to help you gain the control you need of your entire financial universe, to overcome any challenge, now and in the future.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear more about the transformations to lives and businesses our clients have experienced here.


We only work with Private Business Owners

Let us help you understand how to meet and exceed your goals while protecting and strengthening your financial position with our unique Kelly+Partner’s Financial Flight Plan System. You’re in good hands as our team is committed to your success, offering leading service and scaling with you for the growth of your business.


Our Directors are Private Business Owners like You

Our unique Partner-Owner-Driver™ model sets us apart from other financial advisory firms. This means every partner in our business is vested in the success of yours.

Put simply, we’re business owners advising small business owners. People who understand your challenges, your needs and your ambitions.


Who’s in your corner?

Meet the talented professionals united in our mission to help you be better off at every turn. Our team of over 250 people, including 45 operating partners, service over 8,000 business owners nationwide.

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Since opening our first office in 2006, the Kelly+Partners network has grown and expanded to 15 locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Hong Kong. We have proudly serviced local small business owners and their communities for over 14 years.

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Do you have the ambition it takes to be part of a leading Chartered Accountancy firm? Does helping others be better off, drive you to do more in life? If you’re interested in stepping your career up a notch, we want to hear from you.

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Seeing our community better off

Beyond our work supporting hard-working business owners, our Foundation endeavours to create a genuine, positive impact in our communities, wherever we can. Here are some examples of the notable causes we’re committed to.

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Global Reach

As members of GGI (one of the top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances), Kelly+Partners is able to deliver on a global scale. Through GGI Kelly+Partners has access to experts around the world, giving advice on everything from local regulations to compliance and go-to market strategies.

GGI’s broad international presence opens up a gateway to the global marketplace for both us and our clients. Through our GGI membership, Kelly+Partners has access to high quality firms in nearly every major financial and commercial centre worldwide.

This outstanding facility applies whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries or need international support in addition to services in your home market.


Kelly+Partners Group

If you’re looking to what’s next for your business, we’re all ears. 

Are you thinking of selling your accounting firm or planning your exit? Perhaps you want to focus on your clients instead of the business? Or do you have an idea of where you want to go but aren’t sure how to get there?

Kelly+Partners has partnered with 25+ businesses for over 14 years. Through a refined process and criteria, we ensure shared values and a passion to go further for clients. Our unique Partner-Owner-Driver™ model sets Kelly+Partners’ apart from other financial advisory firms. It means every Client Director in our business is vested in the success of yours.

We’re passionate about talking to leaders looking for a partner that can help them, their business and their clients be better off.

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