Everyone says they have a good business accountant – but don’t you want a great one?

The Kelly+Partners Difference

Advice - We’ve got your books and your backs™

When you’re ambitious, you expect the same from your partners. With Kelly+Partners, you gain business accounting advice and financial services from people who are as focused and future-driven as you are. Go further than standard compliance, so you, your business and your family not only grow but thrive.

Access - We don’t sleep unless you do

Your business is more than just spreadsheets and numbers to us. When you work with Kelly+Partners, you’re working with people who understand the challenges you face. That’s why we’re on call whenever, wherever and however you need us. We’re not sleeping unless you are.

No Surprises - What you need is what you get

Life and business can be unpredictable. That’s why we’re not. Our value-based, fixed-fee engagement model gives you confidence through full transparency. We are your partners in making financial progress.

Community - Better off together

The key to living a fulfilled life is a balance of physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. That’s why we’re driven to support businesses and their communities to be better off. We live our own healthy, wealthy wise values right alongside you.


Choosing who you work with is important. So, here’s our list of 6 questions you should ask when choosing your accountants.

  1. Do they truly understand the ins and outs of your business?
    K+P take an in-depth look at every client’s situation to be sure we’re the right fit for you and your goals.

  2. Do they have what it takes to handle your vision?
    K+P matches the ideal Advisers to every client to ensure the best partnership and optimum outcomes.

  3. Do they have the arsenal to really have your back?
    K+P have a diverse, experienced and versatile team operating across a range of industries, from mixed professional and personal backgrounds.

  4. Will they be able to keep up with your needs as you grow?
    K+P have worked with many businesses like yours, helping them maximise profitability, challenge their industry and lead in their field. We’re ready to partner with you for your growth journey.

  5. Do they have the reach to help me go global?
    As members of GGI (Geneva Group International, one of the top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances), K+P gives you access to experts from around the world, in nearly every major financial and commercial centre.

  6. Are they light-footed enough to keep me a step ahead in this fast-paced world?
    K+P are on call as you need us. We know how to roll with the punches, and we’ll help you do the same.

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Sleep better knowing you and your business are in the right hands. With locations throughout New South Wales and Melbourne, our business accountants are ready to help.


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