Andrew Simmons - Health + Scaling up your Business | Be Better Off Show Podcast

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19 August 2020

In the Be Better Off Show’s second podcast, Managing Director and Founder of Vision Personal Training, Andrew Simmons sat down with Brett to discuss lifestyle, health and business.

"You can lift your team by lifting your own energy, your own attitude, your own performance"

A leading figure in Australia’s fitness industry, Andrew was inducted into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour in 2013. Beyond his passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals, Andrew is also a successful author and a family man with his wife, Fiona and four kids.

Embodying the podcasts mantra of being healthy, wealthy and wise, Andrew shares advice around scaling up his business to 58 sites across Australia and New Zealand and what it takes to support these small businesses across the country.

"There's a lot of people putting a facade on rubbish. If you want a sustainable business, then the internals need systems and processes, clear mission, values, strategy and structure."

This week’s podcast focuses on normalising mistakes and risks in business and business management and the importance of growth minded business leaders. Leadership starts from the top so Andrew emphasises the importance of lifting your team, energy and performance to inspire a ripple effect of productivity and team morale within the business. 


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