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13 November 2020

From hot desking and embracing "digital" to ensuring everyone in your team has the necessary tools and technology they need to thrive and work productively at home, it's become more important than ever for businesses and companies to have a solid framework and structure to work from.  

Research from Roy Morgan suggests, that nearly one in every three Australians has worked from home as a result of the virus. Are you included in this statistic? If so, now's the time to reflect on your personal experience. 

Now nine months into the pandemic, Andy sheds light on how he has provided resources to his clients throughout the length of COVID-19, and shares some advice for business owners: 

“You’ll need to build into your [business] budget ensuring that employees have the right comfort level for the right productivity level”

Andy and his company Poly stand at the forefront of technological adoption in the workplace. Sharing his thoughts and recommendations when it comes to cameras, equipment and even noise-cancelling headphones, if you’re looking for tips to transition your business towards a more flexible working structure or a team member after some working from home tips, look no further.

“Peoples mindsets are changing from ivory-tower or high sky-rise being the only place to have an office. While some sectors may be a little more gravitated towards that, others are more dispersed… this will be a very strong point for company health and team happiness” 

Beyond the logistics behind setting up your team for WFH success, this episode also discusses management tips and tricks. Hear how Andy keeps himself accountable as Managing Director through simple collaboration and reflection sessions. 

Listen now: 

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