From Bean to Business: Chosen Bean Cafe & Coffee Roaster

1 min read
10 October 2023

The coffee culture in Australia is unique and deeply ingrained in the daily routine of many Aussies. In Melbourne, one of the biggest coffee hubs in the country, 95% of all cafes are independently owned.

One of these independent owners is Stephen Coster of Chosen Bean Cafe & Coffee Roaster in Ferntree Gully, Victoria. With over three decades in hospitality, Stephen's café has become well known for expertly crafted coffee and delicious food.

Stephen, a client of Kelly+Partners Melbourne CBD, feels he's got more than just an accountant on his side. He sees the team as partners genuinely interested in ensuring the success of his business. 

In his collaboration with Kelly+Partners, Stephen remarked, "They've guided me through GST implementation, partnerships, business structuring, and effective budgeting. They've also been pivotal during tighter cash flow periods."

Cash flow management is a prevalent challenge for many business owners. Stephen finds the Kelly+partners transparent fee structure helpful, ensuring he's always aware of unexpected costs.

Their responsiveness stands out, too. "Whenever I reach out, I'm assured of a reply within the day, often within the hour. Such accessibility is reassuring," Stephen adds.

To those feeling their accountant might need to be more engaged, Stephen has some advice: "Try Kelly+Partners. They're not just about numbers. They want to understand, engage
with, and advance your business."

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