Should your business be a B Corp?

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10 October 2023

B Corp is aligning business success with sustainability worldwide, with powerful benefits for people, planet and profit. Learn why and how to join this growing movement.

Led by B Lab, the non-profit organisation behind B Corp, Certified B Corporations are part of a wider movement to redefine business success to align with sustainable goals. 

With the ‘B’ standing for ‘Benefit for all’, B Corp exists to create a more sustainable and inclusive economy with opportunities for everyone. Recognising that governments can only do so much, B Corp businesses step up, collaborate and innovate to devise solutions to complex global issues.

While B Corps are for-profit businesses, they don’t solely exist to make money – instead measuring success based on the ‘four P’s’ of people, planet, profit and purpose.  

Elevating business and brand

As well as benefiting people and the planet, becoming a B Corp makes good business sense. With consumers increasingly demanding products with purpose, savvy businesses are wise to elevate their impact for good – and then make this impact widely known.

B Corp certification is one of the best ways to promote your business as a brand with a conscience, acting as a global signpost that you meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

In terms of brand impact, B Corp certification adds a demonstrable level of trust and value. In the US and Canada, a robust online survey of over 2000 respondents revealed that:

  • 37% of US and 31% of Canadian respondents were aware of the B Corp brand

  • 63% of respondents who recalled purchasing from a B Corp sought out the certification when making purchasing decisions

  • 88% view B Corp certification as trusted and rigorous.

B Corp certification can help to attract and retain talent with survey respondents saying they want to work for businesses that engage in fair business practices, embed diversity and inclusion in their company values, and engage in environmentally responsible business.

More than just a certification, the B Corp community also provides powerful collaboration opportunities with business leaders at the forefront of profitable, purposeful business. With thousands of businesses sharing best practice, the possibilities for elevating and growing your own are endless.

Alignment with sustainability goals and obligations

In a world of finite natural and human resources, evolving consumer demands and increasing climate risk, prioritising sustainable business practices that generate returns should be the desired model for all businesses.

B Corp certification gives businesses a framework for aligning sustainability goals and obligations with business practices across five key areas:

  • Governance

  • Workers

  • Community

  • Environment

  • Customers

Providing an official certification that evidences your commitment to sustainability in action, B Corp elevates your business above the rampant greenwashing that often distracts from genuine sustainability efforts.

Become a force for good

B Corp certification is a triple-win, delivering powerful benefits for people, planet and profit. If your business meets the eligibility criteria and you’re keen to join this growing movement for good, it’s time to tackle your B Impact Assessment. This can be a complex process and preparation is key, so it pays to get advice from an accountant with B Corp knowledge and audit experience.

What does B Corp mean for Kelly+Partners clients? 

Supporting a B Corp means knowing you're part of something bigger. B Corp is quickly becoming a global signpost for business leadership, particularly when it comes to environmental and social impact. 

Being a B Corporation means you know that we do business as a force for good. 

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