How To Choose The Right Career

1 min read
20 March 2023

The volume and diversity of career opportunities in accounting today are more impressive than ever before. Whether you choose to follow the certified practising accountant (CPA) or chartered accountant (CA) qualifications path, you can look forward to a wide array of career choices once you are fully qualified and have some experience under your belt. 

However, the qualification path you choose will tend to steer you towards certain career opportunities, so it’s a good idea to carefully consider your long-term goals before deciding which path to take.

Choosing the right accounting career path and study path

As the two choices are inextricably linked to one another, it is best to consider them at the same time. Although there are no definitive rules in place that would prevent a CPA from filling a role more normally filled by a CA, the types of career opportunities you are offered will most definitely be influenced by your chosen qualifications path. 

  • Chartered accountants’ roles – As a CA, your focus is likely to be more technical and less on business management. If the technical side of accountancy is your forte and you love to solve complicated financial problems, a career as a CA could therefore be your best option.
  • Certified practising accountants’ roles – If your primary interest in accounting is in using the information it provides to steer a company's future financial path, i.e. on business management rather than on technical accounting, you may well find a career as a CPA more rewarding.

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