Nic Cerrone - Is Artisan Craftmanship dead? | Be Better Off Show Podcast

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31 August 2020

This week, Nic Cerrone of Cerrone Jewellers stopped by the Be Better Off Show Podcast to share his journey from humble origins to entrepreneurial retail success.

Immigrating from a small Italian village and opening his first flagship store in Sydney in the early 1970s, the business has since expanded to work with high-end fashion and industry clients including NSW Racing and the Argyle Diamond Mine.

"I needed to learn a trade. I was passionate about doing something with my hands, I wanted to create. Creating is in our DNA." 

When he sat down with Brett for this week's podcast, Nic shared his perspectives on the role of artisan craftmanship in a world of mass production, assuring audiences that artisan craftmanship can endure the tests of time to remain relevant and coveted.

Nic also discusses how immigrants and diversity help build better nations, organisations and brands. 

"You have to fall in love and feel it. It has to connect with you or it's not worth anything." 

With a unique and humble take on how he finds working with younger people, Nic covers all things small-business in this weeks episode. 


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