Why Medical Professionals are Turning to Specialist Accounting

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19 October 2023

Medical professionals grapple with evolving patient needs, ageing demographics, and the rapid rise of new, costly medical technologies. These challenges become even more pronounced when combined with administrative tasks and non-billable hours.

In a recent episode of "Better Off With Kelly+Partners", we spoke to Dr Simi Chanda, a Sydney-based GP with over 17 years of experience. Dr Chanda specialises in Family Medicine and is passionate about Women's Health.

Dr Chanda discussed her partnership with Kelly+Partners, saying, "I feel at ease knowing the team acts in my best interest. They're accessible, and I have complete trust in them."

A study by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners reveals that the average GP dedicates 14.5% of their workweek to non-billable tasks. For a GP to truly thrive, a supportive team is essential to reduce this non-revenue-generating workload.

Sharing this sentiment, Dr. Chanda added, "With Kelly+Partners managing my finances, I can direct more energy towards my profession and personal life."

Kelly+Partners medical specialist accountants are committed to putting you in control of your finances. You will be assigned a Client Director as your direct point of contact who will help you across several areas, including: 

+ Preparation of business plans, cash flow and profit projections
+ Financial strategy
+ Accounting + taxation
+ Industry benchmarking
+ Risk management and insurance

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