Issue 4 - April 2024

The Kelly+Partners Post

This premium quarterly publication from Kelly+Partners offers readers exclusive insights into the world of Kelly+Partners and our mission to help our clients in living healthier, wealthier, and wiser lives.

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Unlock the secrets of Shaquille O’Neal's $400M empire

In this issue 4 of The Kelly+Partners Post, Brett Kelly sits down with Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal to discuss how his upbringing, core values, and dedication to teamwork have fueled a business empire worth more than US$400 million.

Additionally, we explore valuable life and investing lessons from the late great Charlie Munger, a modern approach to wealth management, practical tips for balancing your mental health and much more.
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About the Kelly+Partners Post Publication

Healthy, wealthy and wise is the format of our newspaper. It makes sense to us at Kelly+Partners because we believe as a business that helping people sort out their financial situation gives them time, peace of mind and capacity to focus on the important things in life.

Brett Kelly
Founder and CEO
Kelly+Partners Accountants

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