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Access specialist business accounting, tax, audit, advisory, finance, wealth management and estate office services in San Angelo, Texas.

Kelly+Partners San Angelo

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Located in San Angelo, we partner with clients across the region, including Midland Odessa, Abilene, Big Spring, Brownwood, Ballinger, and Brady. While we serve all business types, we have deep experience assisting dental practices and companies in the oil and gas industry.



Business Advisory

Business Advisory services for Private Business Owners.
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Wealth, Finance & Insurance

Private Wealth, Finance & General Insurance Services.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services for Private Business Owners.


Value 1

Forward-Looking Advice

Our value-based, fixed-fee engagement model gives you confidence through complete transparency.

Value 2

No surprises

Life and business can be Unpredictable. That's why we provide value-based, fixed-fee engagements to give you confidence and tranparency.

Value 3


Your business is more than just numbers the challenges of running a business and here to help whenever, whereever and however you need.

Value 4


Strong relationships are essential to success, We leverage our expensive network to provide unique personal and business opportunities.