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4 August 2020

Tina Arena is an unparalleled international music icon who, in 2013 was voted Australia’s greatest female singer of all time. Joining Brett on this week's Be Better Off Show, Tina shares insights from the wealth of experience and knowledge she has gained over her 40+ years in the entertainment industry

Tina is an advocate for musicians finding success as well as a prominent vocal supporter of female artists in the industry, particularly celebrating the long-term careers of mature women artists.

In a COVID-19 and post-pandemic society, Tina's advice around musicians financially protecting and supporting themselves is more valuable than ever before. Her insights resonate beyond the music industry alone to also ring true for all industries, businesses and business owners. 

"The relationship between art and commerce is an extremely delicate one. It operates almost like a marriage where commerce can trickle into the personal... commerce needs to respect the individual'. 

Tina asks some valuable questions while encouraging listeners to look at the music industry differently:  

  • Are we doing enough to support talent in the music industry?
  • What is the relationship between commerce and art in the music industry like right now? 

"It is vital if you want a journey in music, you need to find the right business people to collaborate with... including a great accountant

Check out the full podcast and podcast video below:




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