Michael Reid – Creativity and Fine Art Dealing | Be Better Off Show Podcast

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5 October 2020

Michael Reid, one of Australia’s leading art dealers and owner of Michael Reid Galley sits down with Brett to discuss the business of fine art in this week’s Be Better Off Show Podcast.

Michael’s cultural commentary sought across television, print and social media affirms his role as an ambassador for Australian art as well as his place as a savvy businessman with a passion for sharing Australian talent.

“Collecting art is like creating a dialogue or narrative. People want to understand the world they live in and surround themselves with art and objects that speak to them about the world. They cloak themselves in an understanding of their world”

From how the art industry is responding to the crisis of COVID-19 to why creativity in business isn’t limited to creative industries, Michael’s insights go beyond art into all aspects of life.

“In this pandemic and period of intense emotional upheaval, we are thriving. People are now open to the new. We’re also reinventing ourselves and coming out swinging”



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