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4 September 2020

In this week’s edition of the Be Better Off Show Podcast, Brett sits down with Australian business and real estate titan, Harry Triguboff.

As founder and managing director of Meriton Group, Harry Triguboff has overseen the construction of over 75,000 buildings, and has won numerous awards for his contributions to the Australian property industry. 

Since moving to Australia in 1948, Harry has become Australia’s most successful residential property developer and Australia's richest man. 

When asked about specialising in residential development and not branching out and diversifying his business, he says 

"You must like what you do, it's impossible to like everything. So if you find one thing that you like, stick to it and until you find that thing, keep looking"

This episode provides exclusive access into the mind of the man who’s successfully built one of Australia’s biggest business empires. Harry discusses everything property related from getting councils on-side, to profit margins and where it all began on his quest as an immigrant towards real estate dominance.

"When I look at successful people, and see that some are still older than I am, they're the ones who give me confidence" 



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